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What is Thunder Access?
Our primary product (Thunder Access) is a "Social and News Distribution Platform." Think of it in terms of Facebook or Twitter with a unique aspect of getting paid on your followers, becoming a "Thunder Access" Reporter (or simply a connector) and having a TRUE, free-speech platform. The platform is free, with an OPTION to "become a reporter (or connector)" starting at $10 per month.
Who Are Our Primary Customers?
Radio Stations, TV Stations, Newspaper Publishers, Magazine Publishers, Insurance Agencies, Real Estate Brokers, Associations, Large Membership Groups, Large Subscriber Groups, Major Non-Profit Organizations, Successful Executives, Unions, Social Media Stars, Celebrities and of course, ANYONE who would like to monetize their followers and have an alternative to standard social networks.
Can I See The Social Network Now?
PLEASE NOTE: Yes, you can see the social network and actually sign-up. However, the network is still under construction and is a BETA version. The optional $10 per-month upgrade is NOT available until we fully launch. Here's our temporary address:
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